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    Product Service


            鞍钢维加诺合资公司成立于2010年。2015年鞍钢国际经济贸易公司正式购买了其100%股权。鞍钢维加诺公司主要经营有取向和无取向硅钢产品,同时也包括热轧,冷轧,镀锌,酸洗涂油等产品。公司位于距米兰30公里的Cassago Brianza。鞍钢维加诺公司以高质量的产品和服务为经营理念,在市场中被广泛认可。鞍钢维加诺公司作为加工剪切中心,拥有300mm,500mm,1500mm,1200mm剪切机,最大宽度690mm的分条机。可剪切的厚度从0.23mm至3.5mm。高精度的设备确保了产品的加工精度,自动化的包装设备使生产效率获得了提升。鞍钢维加诺公司除了剪切配送业务以外,还提供钢材贸易以及来料加工和存储业务。完善的管理模式,使材料从进入仓库到交货得到有效控制,鞍钢意大利拥有自己的货车,也有信赖的第三方运输商,能够提供及时准确的运输服务。每批发出的货物都配送送关证书。鞍钢维加诺公司是剪切冲压,电机,变压器行业中非常重要的供应商。   

            地址:Via Stazione, 23893 Cassago Brianza ,(LC),Italy。
            Ansteel Viganò s.r.l. founded in 2010 as the joint venture between the company and Viganò srl and Ansteel Group International Trade Corporation. Ansteel Group International Trade Corporation formally purchased its 100% stakes in 2015.Ansteel Viganò s.r.l. mainly engaged in NGO steel and GO steel, as well as HRC, CRC, GI and PO products. The company is located in Cassago Brianza, 30 km from Milan.The business philosophy of Ansteel Viganò s.r.l. is high quality products and service, widely recognized in the market.Ansteel Viganò s.r.l. posesses four slitting production lines, 300mm, 500mm,1500mm and 2000 mm, also a transverse cutting line for sheets with a maximum width of 690 mm. The plants can be cut thicknesses ranging from 0.23 mm up to a maximum of 3.5 mm. High-precision equipments guarantee the product precision and the Automatic packaging machines guarantee the efficient production process.Ansteel Viganò s.r.l. in addition to slitting, sells its steel product in coils and provides customers with service business and storage service. the material from the warehouse to delivery to be effectively controlled. Ansteel Viganò s.r.l. has its own truck, supplying a trusted third-party transport operators as well, to transport the materials just in time. Each batch of goods is issued with the delivery of certificate of material.Ansteel Viganò s.r.l. is a very important supplier in the punching, motor and transformer industries.
            We will create the bright future with you hand in hand with the top products and top services.
           Contact information is as follows:
           Ansteel Vigano S.r.l   
           Add: Via Stazione, 23893 Cassago Brianza ,(LC),Italy   
           FAX: 0039-039-958844